Value Add Partner – Product Development

We strive to bring value to our customers by offering them new and novel products that fit their new product needs.  Our product development goal is two-fold: #1 is to help you innovate and grow sales and #2 is to develop Intellectual Property (IP) that will differentiate BioMed and offer an extra level of product protection and innovation to our customers.

Our formulating lab will develop unique and effective formulas based on your specifications. We work with you to dial in the specific product performance requirements you have.

Reverse formulations – we can take an existing product on the market and customize an equivalent formula for you.

Examples of Product Development

Professional Skin Care

Products are in testing and clinical phases for the addition of novel anti-bacterial / anti-microbial agents to a variety of professional skin care including Perineal Cleansers and Skin Protectants.

Nutrient based formulations for skin care that provide efficacy with at-risk skin conditions such as geriatric skin, skin compromised by incontinence, burned skin,  fungus conditions, and dry skin.  The proprietary blend, called Nutri-T, is added to skin care product formulas and contains a blend of Zinc, Collagen, Vitamins A, C, & E, Green Tea extract, and an Algae extract (with additional nutrients, vitamins, proteins, and antioxidants).  The blend is supported by in vitro and clinical testing.  Biomed also offers “White Paper” support for the efficacy of this blend.

Wound Care

A novel bactericidal wound gel that inhibits and disrupts biofilms.  The gel maintains a moist wound healing environment and removes slough.

A novel wound cleanser and hydrogel that utilizes our patent pending gentle, safe, and effective anti-microbial agents that have a 4-log kill on common wound pathogens.  The active agents are GRAS and are patent pending for this application.